Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory

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Fred Goodyer Fred Goodyer

Background - Research - Publications

Position: PhD Student

E-mail: afg30 [at]

Office Location: BN3-02

Thesis Title: TBD

Supervisor: Prof. Simon Godsill


Born and raised in Cambridge, Fred returned, after his undergraduate degree in Mathematics at Durham University, to pursue a doctorate in engineering, specifically Bayesian machine learning and statistical methods. In his free time, Fred enjoys playing badminton, solving variant sudoku puzzles, and cuddling up to his dog, Rufus!

Research Interests

Fred works on tracking, with an eye on drone surveillance radar as an application. Key tools used are:

  • Gaussian Processes
  • Dirichlet Processes
  • Monte Carlo methods including MCMC, SMC, SMCMC, and RJ-MCMC.


Flexible Multi-Target Tracking with Track Management Using Dirichlet and Gaussian Processes, Goodyer, Ahmad, Godsill (FUSION 2023)

GaPP: Multi-Target Tracking with Gaussian Processes, Goodyer, Ahmad, Godsill (ICASSP 2023)