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Eric Wieser Eric Wieser

Background - Research - Publications

Position: PhD Student

E-mail: efw27 [at]

Office Location: BN3-02

Thesis Title:

Supervisor: Joan Lasenby


Graduated in 2017 with a BA and MEng in Engineering at Cambridge, specializing in information and control engineering.

Parcipant in the penultimate year of the Cambridge-MIT exchange.

Steering council member and maintainer for NumPy.

Research Interests

Geometric Algebra, Formalized Mathematics, Mathematical Software


Google Scholar:

Conference presentations:

  • ICCA12: Formalizing Geometric Algebra in Lean ( slides, video)
  • CICM2021-FMM: Scalar Actions in Lean's mathlib ( slides, video)
  • AGACSE 2021: Adapting Matrix Algorithms for Multivectors ( slides, video)
  • CUED Div-F 2022: Noncommutative algebras, computer algebra systems, and theorem provers ( slides)


Personal website, with a collection of somewhat old engineering and software projects