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Department of Engineering

Sumeetpal S. Singh

Background - Research - Publications - Teaching

Position: Senior Lecturer in Engineering Statistics (Associate Professor)

Office Location: BE3-25

Telephone: +44 1223 764 139

E-mail: sss40 AT cam DOT ac DOT uk

Dept. of Engineering,
University of Cambridge,
Trumpington Street,


I am also an Affiliated Lecturer of the Statistical Laboratory and a Fellow of Churchill College.

Upcoming workshop, Advanced Monte Carlo Methods for Complex Inference Problems , 22 Apr-16 May 2014, Isaac Newton Instittute, Cambridge

The Sigproc group holds a regular seminar series. We are interested in all aspects of Statistics, Signal Processing, Control (stochastic), Communications and the integration of these.

Research Interests

  • Computational Statistics:
    Monte Carlo methods (Particle Filters, Markov Chain Monte Carlo) for computation and its application to Bayesian inference, Maximum Likelihood.

  • Applications:
    Multi-target tracking, Sensor networks for condition monitoring, Gaming (e.g. Cheat Detection in online gaming, inferring player strategies), Signal processing for single molecule fluorescence microscopy.

Research Funding

  • EPSRC: Bayesian Inference for multi-object tracking, 01/04/2009-28/02/2013. To study the mathematical and computational (e.g. SMC,MCMC) aspect of the problem.

  • Rutherford Appleton Laboratory: Unraveling the supra-molecular rules in signal receptor networks, jointly with Dr. M. Hobson, 2009-Sept. 2013. One of the aims is to develop and implement state-of-the art Bayesian methods for the analysis of biological data sets originating from hybrid multidimensional single molecule methods and fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy on Graphical Processing Units to exploit the parallel processing architecture.


Postgraduate positions

I am looking for motivated students interested in doing a PhD in the areas of computational statistics and its applications. If you have a strong mathematical background (especially in probability and statistics) and are interested in my areas of research, feel free to email me.



Axel Finke (Mar. 2015--.)

PhD Students

Lan Jiang (Oct. 2010 start), Dept. of Engineering

Past members


  • Dr. Fredrik Lindsten (Jan. 2014--Jul. 2014)
  • Dr. Sinan Yildirim (Nov. 2012--Feb. 2013)
    Presently, Research Associate, Statistics Department, Bristol University.
  • Dr. Richard Wareham (Sept. 2009-Sept.~2013)
    Presently, Senior Research Associate, Cambridge University Engineering Department.
  • Dr. Thomas A. Dean (Sept. 2009--Sept. 2011)
    Presently, Analyst, Darktrace, Cambridge.

Phd students

  • Bernd Kuhlenschmidt (Apr. 2011--Oct. 2014), Cambridge Centre for Analysis, DAMPT
  • Sinan Yildirim (Oct. 2009--Sept. 2012), Statistical Laboratory
  • Nikolaos Kantas (2005-2008), CUED
  • Goerge Poyiadjis (2004--2006), CUED

Selected Publications

Recent work and Preprints


A full list of publications can be found here.