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July 2020

AI-based no-touch touchscreen could reduce risk of pathogen spread from surfaces - Prof Simon Godsill and Dr Bashar I. Ahmad

A no-touch touchscreen developed for use in cars could also have widespread applications in a post-COVID-19 world, by reducing the risk of transmission of pathogens on surfaces. "Touchscreens and other interactive displays are something most people use multiple times per day, but they can be difficult to use while in motion, whether that's driving a car or changing the music on your phone while you're running" - Simon Godsill

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More coverage in The Engineer 23 July 2020: Predictive touch keeps eyes on the road and fingers off screens

September 2017

Disguised Face Identification Research - Amarjot Singh

Amarjot has developed the next generation face recognition system that is able to identify faces covered with disguises such as scarfs, beards, caps, and glasses. Individuals on the criminal databases around the world often disguise their faces with hats and beards to avoid identification by face recognition systems. This system will help to tackle the global security challenges by identifying masked criminals that pose serious real-world threats, in turn, making society more secure.

This paper was covered by various tech magazines and media outlets including Discovery Channel (Video Coverage), Digital Trends (Video Coverage), MIT Technology Review, The New Scientist, The Economist (Cover), New Statesman etc. The links to the video coverage can be seen below.

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