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Ganchi Zhang Ganchi Zhang

Background - Research - Publications

Position: PhD Student

E-mail: gz243 [at]

Office Location: Bn3-02

Thesis Title:

Supervisor: Prof Nick Kingsbury


Ganchi Zhang holds an M.Phil. degree in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management (ISMM year 46) from the University of Cambridge; a B.Eng. degree from the University of Strathclyde; and a bachelor's degree from the Shanghai University of Electric Power.

Research Interests


1. G. Zhang, N. Kingsbury, "Markov-tree Bayesian Group Sparse Modeling with Wavelets", 2016 IEEE Workshop on Statistical Signal Processing, 2016. ( pdf)

2. G. Zhang, N. Kingsbury, “Variational Bayesian Image Restoration with Group-sparse Modeling of Wavelet Coefficients”, Special Issue on Bayesian Signal Processing, Digital Signal Processing, 2015, (47), pp 157-168. (pdf, complementary superresolution results)

3. G. Zhang, T. D. Roberts, N. Kingsbury, “Image Deconvolution using Tree-structured Bayesian Group Sparse Modeling”, 2014 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, pp 4537-4541, 2014. (pdf, ISNR results)

4. G. Zhang and N. Kingsbury, “Fast L0-based Image Deconvolution with Variational Bayesian Inference and Majorization-Minimization”, 2013 IEEE Global Conference on Signal and Information Processing, pp 1081-1084, 2013. (pdf, code is available upon request)

5. G. Zhang, L. Li, V. Stankovic, L. Stankovic and D. Uttamchandani, “Optical MEMS Image Enhancement with Sparse Signal Representation”, Proc. ICASSP-2011 IEEE 36th International Conference on Acoustic, Speech, and Signal Processing, pp 1109 – 1112, 2011. (pdf)